Top 7 Best Free Remote Desktop Software

Free remote desktop

For those who don’t know, what is Remote desktop?
Remote desktop is a software or an operating system feature that allows the user to connect to a computer in a different location, and interact with it as if it were local.

This software allows the “master” computer permission to access the entire data on the remote computer, and most likely offers features such as file transfer, sharing data, text chat and flexibility to work with other people remotely.

This application make life much easier for both the users and also Administrators. Several people in various places across the country can work on the presentation or even a project plan at the same time using their desktop computer.

Windows Remote Desktop

Most of the computers running Windows have remote desktop support. Only some of  Basic home version of  Windows does not have remote desktop support. I explained here how to turn on Remote Desktop in Windows 8.

If you don’t own a windows desktop or you don’t want to use windows remote desktop for some reason, there are wonderful alternatives.

List of top 6 best free remote desktop.

1) TeamViewer Remote Desktop

teamviewer free remote desktop

TeamViewer  is one of the popular remote desktop and my personal favorite tool. Teamviewer offers both free and paid accounts for remote controlling any PC. This software will let you manage any computer through internet – all you need to do is install the software on both the systems. Data transfer is extremely secure, since all the data is encrypted and has standard SSL.

2) LogMeIn Remote Desktop

logmein free remote desktop

LogMeIn : Another popular service for remote desktop sharing. It offers numerous features For instance by using this software you could organize meeting with friends, business conferences & office meeting on the web. It has the feature to chat between connected computers. All the information is encrypted for best security. Works on windows and Mac pc.

3) PcAnywhere Remote Desktop

pcAnywhere free remote desktop

PcAnywhere remote desktop programs is developed by well known company Symantec. This software allows to connect with a remote pc running the pcAnywhere host if both of them are connected to internet and password is known. pcAnywhere works with several platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and also Pocket PC.

4) GoToMyPC Remote Desktop

gotomypc free remote desktop

 GoToMyPc  is another popular free remote desktop. This software configures itself to your system and you can connect to your pc from anywhere around the world with a computer running on Windows, Linux or even Macintosh (Apple Pc). Transfer of data between the computers is encrypted with AES using 128-bit. You can even use hardwares such as printers in order to print documents.

5) PcNow Remote Desktop

pcnow free remote desktop

PcNow  provides both remote desktop and online backup service for you. This software works on Windows and Mac systems. You can access your computer even from your mobile.  You can also invite a friend to help you with the computer system or even to share your desktop remotely. It’s easy to control your hardware’s such as web cams and printers by using this software so that you can see what exactly is going on at your house . Or print documents remotely.

6) ShowMyPc Remote Desktop

showmypc free remote desktop

ShowMyPc also offers both free and paid accounts. This remote desktop supports windows, Linux and Mac. You can even use this software on android mobile phones and iphone. You can even use this for remote support, web conference, Online meeting and many more.

7) CrossLoop Remote Desktop

crossloop free remote desktop

CrossLoop is our last free remote desktop in this article CrossLoop is a simple secure screen sharing it is an easy to work with software program that allows you to share your desktop screen with a remote computer. For security reasons, this software works by using 128-bit file encryption and produces a unique 12-digit key, that you need to transmit to the person(by email, phone, instant message or similar means) before they can connect your computer or laptop.

If you need more websites like this use similar website search.


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